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Charity Hinchliffe


 There’s a reason why weddings are occasions that people look forward to with much excitement. It includes careful planning, and is a celebrated day filled with love, joy and happiness for couples, and shared by their guests.

Wedding Connect comes to you, created by two people who have insight, experience, and a love for the wedding industry.


Joanne Male has been a marriage celebrant for over twenty years and has married over 1000 couples.

Twelve years ago, she founded a not-for-profit Wedding Expo which brings couples and vendors together twice a year under one roof. Joanne has been able to return over $120,000 to community groups, and locals, something she is passionate about. Through the expos, Joanne continually achieves her goal of keeping each events integrity while raising funds for her local community. 


Joanne believes she has brought together a feeling of comradery within the community of Cairns, while bringing together a large part of the Cairns Tourism and wedding business sectors which is significantly large in the Tropical Paradise of the Far North.


Through the wedding expos, Joanne met Jeananne, and Angel Babies Up North in FNQ was born in 2015. Save the Date Wedding Expos has financially supported the program since it began. The Expo has also assisted Jeananne to get women to donate their pre-loved gowns that are then upcycled into beautiful clothes and given to the parents and families of FNQ who have lost a Baby Angel. 

In 2016 Joanne won the Michelle Commins Legacy, awarded to her by the Cairns Business Woman,

previous CBWC valued board member. 

To sum Joanne up in four words, and words she lives by: 

Trustworthy – Philanthropic – Innovative – Dedicated



Charity Hinchliffe is the co-founder of My Wedding Compare, a wedding comparison website, much like Trivago and Hotels.com, but for the wedding industry. My Wedding Compare came to be after she worked at a comparison website company in the UK before realising there was a need in the wedding space. She has spent many years studying the industry and speaking with individuals about things they wish they could change about the wedding industry. All of this information has been compiled and developed into a one-stop wedding shop website. It aims to enhance the wedding industry by making wedding planning more straightforward and stress-free while helping vendors achieve their own business goals.


Charity has volunteered her time for many years to the wedding expos and gained a lot of knowledge. She is an up and coming young entrepreneur. Her motto is “You’ve got this” and is always helping locals with their websites, webinars and advice. She believes in living a life of intention and being of service to others. As such, she engages in at least one random act of kindness each month.



These two houses have joined forces to create Wedding Connect. Wedding Connect was born out of the pandemic which saw devastations within the wedding industry, along with many others.

As we watch many of our hardworking friends in the industry lose everything they’d worked for almost overnight, we knew we needed to do something.


We aim to create a platform that will enable couples to easily find their favourite vendors no matter where they are in Australia.


Our motto is “Helping couples turn their dream wedding into reality by connecting them with vendors that resonate with them.”

Heavenly Places

Pricing tables



6 Months
Listings Included: 10
Venue: 300
Decoration: 350
Ads Included
£ 1500


24 Months
Listings Included: Unlimited listings
Venue 700
Decoration 800
Ads Excluded